Have No Fear Home Ownership Is Still Near

Dated: November 21 2015

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 With all that we hear in the media about the housing market in Portland & the surrounding areas many people think they just can't afford to buy a home. This is not true. The market is popular & that is great, but that does not mean that affordable homes are not available. With increased demand we have increased supply leveling the market a bit since the incredibly low inventory of just months ago.

 Loan rates remain quite competitive and interest rates are still very reasonable. The surprising reality is that now is the time to buy a home. As rents rise the uncertainty of ones current monthly home expenses are hanging in the balance. Property owners raise rental costs to meet the market demand & these increases can be significant. The benefit of a fixed mortgage is that you now have a steady monthly payment without surprises as you build equity for your future in something that belongs to you. Stop paying someone else's home loan!

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 There are so many advantages to home ownership for your future.  It's true Portland & the surrounding areas are growing making it the perfect time to get your piece of it. Your first home doesn't have to be your last home. Sometimes a starter that may not be your ideal dream home is a perfect beginning. Home ownership can allow you a stepping stone to the next phase of your future. With the upcoming plans for development & improvement, there will be increased job opportunities, & that many more reasons this will remain an up & coming area of desirability for some time.

I've lived here all my life & witnessed amazing changes to this wonderful area. Let me help you on your path to making your home ownership dreams a reality.

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Chris Swanberg

Chris Swanberg was born and raised in the Alameda area of Portland and now lives in Happy Valley. He spent eight years in the home improvement industry, working in sales and project management, prior....

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