Working With A Buyers Agent Has Great Benfits To Consumers When Purchasing A Home

Dated: October 14 2014

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I am going to begin blogging about things that I see relevant in the current real estate market, and will also throw in a restaurant review or information on community events in Portland Oregon from time to time.  For my first blog I thought that I would talk about the importance of having an agent when purchasing a home.  An agent that solely works with buyers is known as a “buyer’s agent.”  

Finding homes is easy.  Anyone with a computer or smart phone can jump on the internet and begin viewing homes.  You don’t need an agent to buy real estate. However, having one will save you time, money, and aggravation. Once a consumer gets to the point where they are ready to begin touring homes, is when they should consider working with a buyer’s agent.  The buyer’s agent will have access to show essentially any property listed on the internet.

The buyer’s agent is there to advocate and negotiate with the buyer’s best interest in mind.  Remember, a buyer’s agent does this everyday.  They have their thumb on the market and can provide the buyer with a strategy, expert advice, and will negotiate on the buyer’s behalf.  The buyer’s agent will have training/experience in negotiating not only the sales price, but the terms of the sales contract.
The best part about working with a buyer’s agent is there is no fee to the buyer.  They earn their commission from the selling agent (also known as a co-op fee), who agrees to split their listing commission to the agent that brings them a buyer.  It is a win-win situation for the buyer.  You don’t have anything to gain by not working with an agent. In fact, it is estimated that over 85% of buyers rely on the guidance of a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home.  
The seller is going to be working with a listing agent who they have contracted with to sell their home.  The listing agent’s duty is to look out for his/her client’s best interest, not yours.  Let’s put it this way.  Would you go into a courtroom and represent yourself?  Most of us would answer no.  You would want to hire someone who knows the laws, rules, and regulations.  Real estate is no different.  

If you are looking for an agent who specializes in the Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, or West Linn area please feel free to give me a call.  
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