Save Energy Winterizing Your Home Interior

Dated: November 13 2014

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Before turning on that heater, take some simple steps around the house to help lower your energy costs this winter.   Here are some ways to winterize your home to help offset the cost of your utility bill and stop trying to coax your dog into laying on your feet to keep them warm.  

Insulation Is Key

·         Attic’s can prove to be heat suckers in the winter time.   Make sure the attic door is insulated and fully sealed when shut.
·         Those chilly windows can be guarded against with thermal curtains or you can purchase Window Insulator kits that you apply over the window that help you keep             the heat inside. 
·         Door seams can get drafty and leak heat out.  Replacing the weatherstrip on the sides and bottom of the door will help you keep the heat in, where it belongs.
Heat Source Filtration
·         Make sure your filter is clean on your heating system.  Regular maintenance could save you from costly repairs in the future.
Old Fashioned Heat
·         Use blankets, sweaters, and socks to insulate your body and keep warm
Programmable Thermometers Are Your Friend
·         This handy tool can help you regulate your heat use so it kicks off while you’re not home and kicks back on when you need it.
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Chris Swanberg

Chris Swanberg was born and raised in the Alameda area of Portland and now lives in Happy Valley. He spent eight years in the home improvement industry, working in sales and project management, prior....

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